Jackie Tabor, Indiana University
Megan Nanney, Virginia Tech
Anima Adjepong, Chris Barcelos, Anne Marie Champagne, Emmanuel David, James Joseph Dean,
Vicky Demos, Xan Nowakowski, Jacob Alden Sargent
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Committee Tasks

  1. #TransJusticeSyllabus – continue to develop it; publish it online; publicize to sociologists, trans studies scholars, and the public.

  2. Continue to develop and publicize compendium of trans and intersex studies resources.

  3. Trans and intersex studies peer-reviewers – continue to recruit potential peer reviewers; allow mechanism for continuous sign-up; share list with journal editors; find a way to keep list accessible and updated for the long-term.

  4. Online professional development portal – develop, launch, and publicize online portal for trans and intersex studies scholars. Include funding, research, teaching, training, and networking opportunities for trans and intersex studies scholars.

  5. Address sociological research that advances work that is hostile toward or exclusive of trans, non-binary, and/or intersex individuals.


  1. Published 2018 #TransJustice Syllabus

  2. Published Trans Affirmation 101 document

  3. PUblished Trans and Professional Development Resources