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Cary Gabriel Costello, PhD
(He/Him or Ze/Zir/Zim)
Director of LGBT+ Studies and Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukeecostello@uwm.eduSex, gender, and sexuality; Sociology of the body; Science, medicine & technology studies; Social problemsIntersex studies (I am myself intersex by birth), and the relationship between intersex and transgender communities and advocacy; Intersex and trans social movements and advocacy; the sexed body and its regulation by medicine and law, both today and historically; medical interventions into the bodies of intersex and trans people, and how those can be imposed without consent, or withheld when desired, depending on the social context and bodily characteristics of a given individual.
Georgiann Davis, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Las Medicalization and activismIntersex and trans experiences with doctors and parents; surgical and hormonal interventions, intersex activism; intersex support groups, sex testing and elite athletes.
Aaron Devor, PhD, FSSSS, FSTLHE
Research Chair in Transgender Studies, Founder and Academic Director of The Transgender Archives, University of
Trans masculinity; Trans medicalization and activitsm; Trans and non-binary identity; Law, prisons, policing. Trans masculine people, History of trans activism and research, Trans archives, Trans and non-binary identities and how people develop them, Standards of Care, Trans and non-binary people in contact with police and corrections, Trans and non-binary sexualities,  Jewish law re trans people
Eric Anthony Grollman, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Richmondegrollma@richmond.eduTransphobic discrimination; Trans healthQueer and trans people of color; Transphobia and racism; Health disparities; Transphobia in academia (especially trans professors and graduate students)
Xavier Guadalupe-Diaz, PhD
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Framingham State
Violence (intimate partner, sexual, institutional)Transgender intimate partner violence victimization, specifically identity, help-seeking, dynamics of abuse, meanings of violence, transphobia/cisgenderism, intersectionality and trans identities, and queering gender identity in IPV theory
Alex Hanna, Phd
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto alex.hanna@utoronto.caHealth care; Sports; and Higher educationI have worked as an activist on health care on the state and county level. I have also been involved with making sports more accessible to trans and gender nonconforming folks, specifically in roller derby but also in the gym environment and on campus.
Mia Harris, MSc
(She/Her or They/Them)
PhD Candidate, Centre for Criminology, University of
07974 298780
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LGBT people in prisonI am exploring the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender prisoners in England and Wales
Jay Irwin, PhD
Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Nebraskajirwin@unomaha.eduTrans inclusion; Trans healthTrans inclusion within educational settings; Access to care; Health care needs
Simone Kolysh, MPH, MPhil
Doctoral Candidate in Sociology, The CUNY Graduate Centersimonekolysh@gmail.comSex, gender, and sexuality; LGBTQ and trans-specific identities; IntersectionalityHow trans people come into their identities; How trans identities intersect with race, sexuality, class, citizenship, etc.; Trans kids; Trans parenting; How to use proper terminology; Trans academics
Emily Lenning, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Fayetteville State Universityelenning@uncfsu.eduSexuality and gender; Social construction of deviance; Media and crimeCrime, violence, and treatment by/in the criminal justice system; Stigma; Issues facing partners of trans people; Trans issues in corrections
Emilia Lombardi, PhD
Assistant Professor, Public Health, Baldwin Wallace
Trans discrimination and health; Trans research issues; Personal experiencesDr. Lombardi is currently working on a project examining the utility of various survey measures to identify transgender populations that can be used within population studies.
Jordan Forrest Miller, MA
Doctoral Student in Sociology, Georgia State Universityjordanforrestmiller@gmail.comMedia; Medicalization; Health care; Gender and sexualityTrans YouTube; Transnormativity; Issues around medicalization; Trans health disparities
Megan Nanney, MA
(She/Her or They/Them)
Doctoral Student, Department of Sociology and Women's & Gender Studies, Virginia Techmnanney@vt.eduLaw; Education; Higher EducationExpert in (higher) education policy and Title IX. I especially am an expert in single-sex institutions and women's colleges in terms of trans admissions policies. I also specialize in the history of trans exclusion in women's spaces, trans exclusionary radical feminism (TERF), gender critical feminism, and trans feminism.
Z Nicolazzo, PhD
Assistant Professor, Adult and Higher Education, Northern Illinois Universityznicolazzo@niu.eduEducationDr. Nicolazzo’s research focuses on gender in higher education, particularly the experiences of trans* collegians; college student activism; and intersectionality, particularly students’ experiences of the intersections of race, disability, and gender identity
Alexandra "Xan" Nowakowski, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Florida State Universityxnowakowski@fsu.eduMedical Sociology; Public HealthI study health equity issues in the experience and management of chronic conditions as people age. Pretty much anything related to disparities in occurrence of and/or care for chronic physical and/or mental health conditions by sex and/or gender identities (as well as intersecting identities such as race, ethnicity, and sexuality) is fair game. I am agender, so I can also provide insights on a personal level into the experiences of gender non-binary people and how they intersect with chronic disease.
Emily Allen Paine, MA
(She/Her/Hers or They/Them/Theirs)
PhD Candidate in Sociology and Scholar-in-Residence at CLAGS: Center for LGBTQ Scholarship, University of Texas at
Health and Healthcare; Gender and Gender Identity; SexualityTrans (and LGBQ) access to and experiences of healthcare; Health disparities and health policy
Carla A. Pfeffer, PhD
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies, University of South; Identity; Partnerships; SexualitiesTransgender families; Cisgender women partners of transgender men; Transgender men and experiences with reproduction
Roy, Moushumi Roy, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor, Michigan State Universitymroyc77@gmail.comEmployment discrimination; HealthHealth disparities by race, ethnicity, and gender
JE Sumerau, PhD
(They/Them or Ze/Zir)
Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of
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Trans inclusive research methods; Trans, non-binary, bisexual intersections; Trans health, sexualities, and religionI focus on intersections of sexualities, gender, religion, and health in relation to sexual, gender, and religious minorities.  Specifically, I focus on trans experiences and issues in relation to religion, science, the academy, research methods, and representation. 
Laurel Westbrook, PhD
Associate Professor of Sociology, Grand Valley State Universitywestbrol@gvsu.eduViolence; Social movements; Law; History; RepresentationMurders of transgender people in the United States; Anti-violence activism done on behalf of transgender people; Transgender rights legislation; Controversies over public restroom/lockerroom access; History of the trans community; History of "transgender" as an identity; How to best ask about gender in surveys
Anne Marie Champagne, MPhil
Doctoral Candidate in Sociology, Yale
Web Site
Sociology of the body; Trans embodiment; Gender aesthetics, perception and construction; Gender, sex and sexuality; Law; Medicine My research explores the relation between legal and medical institutional approaches to chest masculinization and transmen's personal experiences of gender embodiment. I am particularly interested in how institutional actors and individuals employ aesthetic principles as well as aesthetic experiences to make gendered sense of the body.
Sonny Nordmarken, MA
PhD Candidate in Sociology, University of Massachusetts Amherstsnordmar@soc.umass.eduSocial interactions; Microaggressions; Emotions; Embodiment; Trans and disability; Trans and race; Representations of trans people; Trans identity; Inequality (race, class, gender, sexuality, disability)I examine how trans individuals achieve a sense of self, experience microaggressions, and manage their emotions in social interactions with others. I also examine how trans communities create alternative ways to recognize gender identities. I use interview methods as well as autoethnography, writing about my own life as a trans sociologist.
Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, PhDAssociate Professor, Department of Sociology, American Universityvidalort@american.eduSociology of the body and embodiment; Sex, gender and sexuality; LGBTQ and trans-specific identities; Trans research issues; Trans embodiment.I focus on transgender and transsexual scholarship; queer and trans people of color; transgender rights internationally; transphobia; intersectionality and trans experience.
Reese C. Kelly, PhD
Senior Assistant Dean & Director, Office of Pluralism and Leadership and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Dartmouth Collegereese.c.kelly@dartmouth.eduTrans theory, transgender identity management, inclusive pedagogues, feminisms/women's and gender studies, sociological theory, intersectional and decolonizing methodologies.I study the strategies that transgender people use when navigating institutions, identity checkpoints, and sex segregated facilities. Additionally, I do work on access to healthcare, and cultural competencies trainings for healthcare practitioners, educators, and higher ed administrators. (Note: I am an out, white, queer trans male.)
Brandon Robinson, MA
(He/Him or They/Them)
Doctoral Candidate in Sociology, University of Texas at Austinbarobinson@utexas.eduGender and Sexualities; Children and Youth; Urban Poverty and HomelessnessI research transgender and gender non-conforming LGBQ youth experiences with homelessness.
sj Miller, PhD
Deputy Director of Educational Equity Supports and Services
Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools
New York University | Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
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Pre- and inservice teacher education--specific to challenging gender and gender identity binaries by centering social justice, critical race theory, feminist theory, geospatial theory, spatiality and temporal theories, critical discourse, anti-bullying, and critical literacy in schools. At the center of my research are transdisciplinary perspectives on social justice which cut across theory, epistemology and pedagogy.I do professional development with school districts locally and abroad (e.g., this includes but is not limited to youth, teachers, principals, families, and key district and state-level stakeholders) to support them about how to take up gender identity work across beliefs, pedagogy/practices, and policies. This includes curriculum, local, state, and national policies, unpacking nuanced language, understanding how gender identity can be pathologized in order to disrupt school-based discrimination and violence, and developing local, state, national, and international research partnerships to study gender identity across different contexts.

Additional: I was featured in a documentary for CBS called Gender: The Space Between.
Kathleen Fitzgerald, PhD
After 24 years in academia, I am now working as a public sociologist, writing and speaking on issues of inequality: race/privilege, gender/sexuality, and intersectionality.fitzy88so@gmail.comRace/white privilege, gender/sexuality, inequalities and intersectionality.Author of "Recognizing Race and Ethnicity: Power, Privilege, and Inequality," 2nd Edition (Westview Press, 2017); Coauthor (with Kandice Grossman) of "Sociology of Sexualities" (Sage, 2017).
An Sasala
Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant, Department of Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies The University of Kansas-Lawrencean.sasala@ku.eduTransgender theory and transgender studies; gender and technology; transgender history; trans/nonbinary inclusive pedagogy, classroom conduct and language; transfeminismMy research focuses on transgender identities and experiences and marks the interstices and influences that intrinsically link technology and embodied identities such as gender, sexuality, and race. My current research explores the potential for transgender androids and interrogates the encoding of identity-based biases into robotics programming and the literal imprinting/realization of these biases onto robot bodies. Additionally, I conduct research on trans inclusive curriculum development and course content and provides inclusivity and transfeminist trainings for university and community partners.